Write your diary and improve your workplace

You write about your workday anonymously and our smart machine learning algorithms do the rest

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Why Emprovio?

Our diary is smart enough to understand what bothers you most at your job.

Have an opportunity to see what really bothers you, and how do you feel about each day.

All collected data from you and your colleagues is aggregated to show the most problematic issues.

Emprovio is the most innovative approach to human resources management so far.

It can help you to:


  • Take control of your business and make a positive impact.
  • Find out key problems in your company on time.
  • Improve employee engagement in an easy and interesting way.
  • Show that you care about your people and that you appreciate their effort. There is no bigger value to the company than human values.
  • Make your company recognizable in the business world as the first that combined the benefits of smart technology and social responsibility to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Be the first to try it for free. Simply send us a request for your registration. If there are some questions you would like to discuss before, feel free to contact us.

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