For any business that is serious about its chances of still being around in a few years’ time, knowing how your staff feel is so important. Companies with high staff turnover tend to be the groups that lack the ability and consistency to keep progressing. Changing staff all the time will mean having to start from scratch over and over, which can become an exercise in frustration.

To help you avoid that, though, employee engagement can be applied. This is the act of helping to find out what drives each employee, helping them to match their professional needs and ambitions over time. Finding out how to make that happen, though, takes a lot of time – your best bet is to try and find it through employee engagement activities.

Activities to try out

A happy employee is a productive one, and you can capitalize on that by working with these solid and intelligent employee engagement activity ideas.

  • For one, you should consider having employees take a more active and considered part in the planning of the businesses future. Your staff is going to be part of the journey, so they should have an input into where things are going to make that possible.
  • A quarterly sit-down with each member of staff to have a no-consequences discussion about their role, general company direction and more is so important to intelligent employee engagement. Make sure you make time for this with each and every member of staff.
  • Create a knowledge base that allows each member of staff to learn with you. One of the largest damages that your business can suffer from is a loss of data and of knowledge. To avoid that problem, you should look to share key information with staff to keep everyone educated and informed.
  • From a mentor program that pairs newbies with veterans to a template that each kind of staff member should look to follow, putting this in pace is very easy. It’s essential to growing and developing your business while keeping your staff motivated, informed and engaged in equal measure.
  • Don’t try and keep fiscal performance some hidden secret for only the top players in the business. When you let your staff see what their labor and hard work is actually introducing to the business, they will feel far more optimistic and willing to be part of that effort moving forward.
  • Never stifle learning opportunities for all of your staff. Encourage personal learning; if a staff member shows a willingness to grow, make that possible. Do everything you can to show them that you are behind their need to learn and their desire to get better. From having an Academy to securing a partnership with local colleges and professional learning services, you can facilitate their growth with ease.


With this in mind, you should hopefully find it a little bit easier to give your staff the confidence and belief in themselves that they need to get better on a continual basis. In time, it can be the catalyst that was needed to keep your business always moving forward.

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