Employee Engagement Technology: Why Organizations Should Care

Employee Engagement Technology: Why Organizations Should Care

Employee engagement is at an all-time high. Thanks to technological advancement, companies are continually leveraging top notch apps to engage, motivate and inspire their staffs. Today, there are quite a number of time tested applications that guarantee for fluid communication between employers and employees. That’s not all. By deploying technology to improve workers engagement, organizations have the potential to skyrocket their profit beyond levels they hardly imagined. From top notch APIs to gamification and other incredible workplace related software, organizations are spoiled for choice of which technology to use to boost their organization’s employee engagement strategy. Here is why organizations should give employee engagement technology a thought.

Establish better process with APIs

While APIs are very popular because of their ability to increase sales and boost better customer experience. These technologies have been built to deliver even much more to the HR department. Through API’s, HR can now easily merge payroll, recruitment, and onboarding into one robust workforce management application. Through API’s employees’ can be linked as a team to take on a particular task. The icing on the cake is that through API’s companies can effectively engage their staffs by putting in place a reward for employees who are able to finish a particular task on time. More so, APIs have the ability to track individual performance, this means results and data generated by an API technology cannot be manipulated. Through this reward strategy, your employees will not just be motivated, but be also willing to give their best shot to ensure they meet up with a particular task.

Helps organization spot stellar performers

Through employee management applications, organizations have the potential to recognize stellar performers. This goes a long way to inspire them to perform better at their daily duties. Thanks to advanced workplace management applications, companies and organizations can now inspire their workers to perform even better as the company can track each employees’ performance on the go. Just a click or swipe of the workplace management application and organizations will be able to recognize hard working staffs and reward them if possible. This goes a long way to boosts their morale in no small measure.

Make projects more fun with gamification

While we keep clamoring for employee engagement application as a tool to boost workers engagement in the work place. There is a need for organizations to go for employee engagement software that is intriguing and fun to work with. Thanks to the advancement in APIs, there are now amazing workplace management applications that function more like a game. Through this gamification based workforce management software, you can expect project completion to not just be fast but enjoyable for your employees. This helps them to build a robust social network while performing their duties.

Helps you carry out an objective survey

Without mincing words, surveys are a great way to boost employees’ engagement as you’ll be able to ask their honest opinions regarding certain issues. And through the use of employee engagement applications, surveys can be easily conducted with employees’ opinion easily accessed and implemented. This would go a long way to boost employees’ engagement in an organization. Why? Because the company values their opinions generated via the company’s internal survey.

5 Very Useful Employee Engagement Strategy You Should Leverage

5 Very Useful Employee Engagement Strategy You Should Leverage

With the increasing competition in the business world, every organization wants to attract and keep stellar performers. Employee engagement strategy is a good strategy to try out. And while a good remuneration is a good way to attract and keep the best staffs today, there is more to be done to ensure you have the best of hands to handle your daily business dealings. That is why employee engagement strategies are increasingly becoming important especially in the 21 st century where the demands of the industry are constantly changing. In this article, we will give you some amazing employee engagement strategies to help you attract and keep stellar performers. Consider the helpful employee engagement strategies below.

Don’t think “top down” but “bottom up”

One of the springboards that can skyrocket employees commitment and performance is your ability to engage them in the daily activities of your organizations. Trust me, employees want to be seen as playing a significant role in an organization. To this end, they want to be consulted before certain decisions in the company are implemented. So you want to gauge your employees’ feelings and opinions about a decision? Simple, design a questionnaire and carry out surveys. But then, instead of designing your questionnaire to suit the wishes of your executive boards, you would want to ensure your employee’s opinion are factored into the whole survey. Having gotten the result, hold a meeting with your employees maybe over lunch, and ask them how a situation or an issue can be improved on. This way, your team would feel empowered and respected that their opinions count. Like it or not, this improves their contributions to your organization.

Listen to them

So, you have discussed an issue with your team members, that’s absolutely superb, but then don’t leave it there. Ensure you implement all you have discussed with them. This has a way of boosting employees trust in your leadership. Let’s face it, employees want to work with an employer who is opened and willing to listen to them. To make things easy, you can always use your company’s internal notice board to post updates about issues you discussed with them.

Allow them to share their ideas

Part of employee engagement strategies involve allowing your staffs to share knowledge or ideas they feel would be beneficial to the organization. Allowing your employees to share their best work with the entire members of their team doesn’t just boost employees’ engagement but builds a bond between team members which are good for your organization.

Layout clear paths for internal growth

While money can sometimes be a motivation for Millennials on the job, employees are looking to work for organizations that provide the enabling environment they can improve their current skills and know how. So, if you’re looking to attract and retain stellar performers in the industry, your best bet is to point out clear internal paths that guarantee workers growth. To this end, you can easily ask them what their goals are and lay out clear blueprints on how they can achieve them.

Establish mentorship opportunities

The value of mentorship to employee engagement cannot be over emphasized. And when combined with carefully set out internal growth path, the results are simply amazing. Let me make clear things a bit. Let’s say an employee expresses his or her desire to become a marketing guru, nothing stops you from linking him/her up with a top notch marketer in your organization. This way, they will be willing to give their best to an organization that has taught them so much.

Employee Engagement Quotations

Employee Engagement Quotations

When it comes to getting employees excited and on-side, businesses can find it tough to make the right kind of platform and feeling to make that possible. Staff tends to have their own lives going on, and their attitude and mood can be affected by situations outside of their control. One of the best ways to try and help improve that, though, is through intelligent employee engagement. Engaging with your team isn’t an option – it’s a must if you have a desire to be truly successful in the long-term.

Providing a bit of extra inspiration always helps, and to make that possible here are some useful employee engagement quotations that you can use to help make that possible. When you need to change the mood and the overall feeling within the workplace, these quotations can make excellent assistants.

Quotes for employee engagement

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” –Doug Conant

This interesting quote is one worth remembering. It stands out as a clear mission as to what you need to achieve to succeed. It’s easy to look at your business and see where you are in relation to the market, but not enough businesses actually want to look into where they are within the market itself through their workforce.

Your most likely way to improve your marketplace position is to empower and provide confidence to your entire workforce. To be a success, you need the right chemistry and relationships across the board.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” –Stephen R. Covey

This is a quote that you would do well to remember – it should play a critical role in your overall business development. If you want to be a success, then your best bet of making that possible is to have people treat your customers like gold. In return, you will treat them with the same reverence, friendship, respect and courtesy that you expect your customers to receive.

Paychecks can’t buy passion.” –Brad Federman

This is probably the best quote for employee engagement – your team is more than just a cash expense. They are the organic composition of your business, and the sole and primary reason for your success, growth and improvement generally. You can pay your staff, but you can’t pay them to be good at their jobs or passionate – that comes from workplace atmosphere and your working environment.

The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.” –Sybil F. Stershic

This is the perfect representation of how to best manage your business, as well. You want your business to show a positive, happy and clearly driven side. How your business comes across to your customers, though, is how your employees make it come across. With a better working atmosphere, that would change.


With these employee engagement quotations, you’ll hopefully grasp this vital dynamic.

Employee Engagement Survey Vendors

Employee Engagement Survey Vendors

When managing your business, one of the most important and reliable tools that you can have on your side is employee engagement survey vendors. These experts will come in and take a look at how your business runs and manages itself. Crucially, it will also help you to see the weaknesses within how your business operates on a daily basis within the workplace.

The success of any business comes from the atmosphere and feeling within the workplace. When the place is cloaked in negativity, it creates an atmosphere that is unappealing to both customer and colleague. To help you avoid that problem, hiring an employee engagement survey vendor can make your job so much easier.

Survey Vendors

So, who are some of the best employee engagement survey vendors out there? Who can you trust and believe in to drive your business in the correct manner?

  • For a start, the National Business Research Institute is one of the best places to start. With the help of this team, they can carry out extensive employee surveys to help find out how happy employees are. Are they engaged with the job? Do they see genuine and regular progress and improvement in how they come across? Do they feel satisfied, wanted and in demand within the workplace? This team can help you find out that key information.
  • Another useful team on the market is TalentKeepers, a hugely useful team of experts who you can use to help survey how your team work together. Solid and effective employee engagement means putting in the effort, and getting a clear and consistent understanding of how your employees work together, how they feel about one another and where they are in their careers can be invaluable. Analysis of your teams’ overall cohesiveness is vital, so make the most of that today.
  • A company that is known for its quality employee engagement surveys is Trupp HR. A reliable company who know how to manage performance and happiness metrics within the workplace, they can be absolutely essential for giving you all the help that you need to take that all-important next step professionally. With the right layout and the correct understanding of how employees experience their working day, this can make a monumental difference to business performance long-term.
  • Try us out. Emprovio don’t have surveys but it has something a bit more natural and easy. Your employees write an anonymous work diary and our smart algorithms extract all the important information from it. No need to ask 100 questions, just pour your soul out and the efforts will show.

  • Lastly, Cangrade are a company more than worth keeping an eye on if you need surveys taken of how the team are getting on and performing on a regular basis. A happy employee is a productive employee, and this survey system allows you to find out who is happy with their role and their responsibilities. To find out who needs to buck up their ideas to locating someone who no longer feels challenged by their present role, Cangrade makes transforming your businesses performance levels a lot simpler.


With this in mind, you should find it much easier to develop a lasting and analytically detailed plan of action to get every member of staff positive. It takes time, but surveys will massively speed things up.

Employee Engagement Activities

Employee Engagement Activities

For any business that is serious about its chances of still being around in a few years’ time, knowing how your staff feel is so important. Companies with high staff turnover tend to be the groups that lack the ability and consistency to keep progressing. Changing staff all the time will mean having to start from scratch over and over, which can become an exercise in frustration.

To help you avoid that, though, employee engagement can be applied. This is the act of helping to find out what drives each employee, helping them to match their professional needs and ambitions over time. Finding out how to make that happen, though, takes a lot of time – your best bet is to try and find it through employee engagement activities.

Activities to try out

A happy employee is a productive one, and you can capitalize on that by working with these solid and intelligent employee engagement activity ideas.

  • For one, you should consider having employees take a more active and considered part in the planning of the businesses future. Your staff is going to be part of the journey, so they should have an input into where things are going to make that possible.
  • A quarterly sit-down with each member of staff to have a no-consequences discussion about their role, general company direction and more is so important to intelligent employee engagement. Make sure you make time for this with each and every member of staff.
  • Create a knowledge base that allows each member of staff to learn with you. One of the largest damages that your business can suffer from is a loss of data and of knowledge. To avoid that problem, you should look to share key information with staff to keep everyone educated and informed.
  • From a mentor program that pairs newbies with veterans to a template that each kind of staff member should look to follow, putting this in pace is very easy. It’s essential to growing and developing your business while keeping your staff motivated, informed and engaged in equal measure.
  • Don’t try and keep fiscal performance some hidden secret for only the top players in the business. When you let your staff see what their labor and hard work is actually introducing to the business, they will feel far more optimistic and willing to be part of that effort moving forward.
  • Never stifle learning opportunities for all of your staff. Encourage personal learning; if a staff member shows a willingness to grow, make that possible. Do everything you can to show them that you are behind their need to learn and their desire to get better. From having an Academy to securing a partnership with local colleges and professional learning services, you can facilitate their growth with ease.


With this in mind, you should hopefully find it a little bit easier to give your staff the confidence and belief in themselves that they need to get better on a continual basis. In time, it can be the catalyst that was needed to keep your business always moving forward.

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Applied To Employee Engagement

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Applied To Employee Engagement

For many years, business leaders and owners have been scratching their heads trying to find a means of motivating employees. Employee engagement is a hard task to master. It takes a special kind of business owner to do this without any help. If you are in the process of struggling to motivate and inspire your team, then employee engagement can be the perfect pathway to go down to solve this. One of the best ways to look at this, though, is through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. When applied to the field of employee engagement, it can be hugely beneficial. As a psychologist of much repute but also controversy, Abraham Maslow created a very interesting philosophy that, when put into the workplace, holds some pretty valid ideas.

The hierarchy

Typically, the hierarchy of our needs is:

  • To have enough money/means to settle our debts and to feel independent financially – the act of survival, in essence.
  • People also want to feel secure, that they are wanted and that they have a purpose both at home and in the workplace – they want security.
  • When a job cannot pay a staff member what they need or it cannot offer the security they need long-term, then it becomes harder to find that motivation as it lacks the ability to meet two primary needs.
  • Next, a staff member always wants to feel like they belong within that particular workplace – that they are part of the team, that they are wanted. They want to feel trusted and useful.
  • Lastly, people want to feel important, valued and their contribution is actually making a difference. They want to be part of the cog that turns the wheel, genuinely contributing.

Being able to feel financially secure, like you are part of the team and that you are genuinely useful to the workplace is so important. It’s a major part of how a staff member can go from providing an acceptable level of input to showcasing a unique level of growth within themselves. When someone has all of their hierarchical needs in the workplace being met, they can give 100% and feel far more open, honest and secure in their position. The first two, though, are the most important. Without security and the ability to survive, the chances of finding the motivation to feel like they belong, are important to the business and actively contribute is hugely diminished.


Now, you can change how you work and how you feel through making this call. Employee engagement for a business owner is all about trying to make each employee feel like they have, at the very least, the first two motivating factors in the workplace. A sense of importance and belonging should never be ignored or seen as just another part of the job – it’s vital. If you feel like your workplace has a negative and glum feel to it, look into your employee engagement. Does each individual feel as if they have their hierarchical needs met? If not, why not?

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