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  • Emprovio is web application created by using an advanced technology called deep learning which can help you find out objective results no human can.
  • Find out key problems in your company no one talks about. There is always something you can’t talk about – usually the most important subjects to be discussed are the ones you can’t talk about.
  • Employees don’t have to fill up boring questionnaires that no one wants to read and waste their time for nothing.
  • Management doesn’t have to spend their energy, hours and money preparing surveys, reading thousands of papers and analyzing results.
  • Classic surveys mainly have too general questions from which you can’t find out the deepest problems in your company and you can’t figure out the smartest question to ask.
  • Everything employees write is anonymous so no one should be scared or embarrassed to express how they feel and what problems they have at work.
  • The more information is shared the better analyses you’ll have, no matter the nature of problems – social, financial, technical, professional…
  • Get cumulative reports with main issues in your company, even the once that aren’t so obvious, especially for the management.
  • Make smart business decisions based on true situation in the company – no more guessing.
  • Instead of hunting for new employees, invest in the quality of your current employees and transform you business.
  • Scientifically proven, writing about problems can make us feel better so even writing about workday can help employees to release some negative emotions and figure out something more about themselves.
  • After a longer period of usage, you can get very interesting conclusions about your company that will help you to understand and improve the work environment.
  • You can be part of this new type of application and suggest us what you would like to improve or add in the future – we are here for you.
  • And finally, let’s be honest, it doesn’t cost anything, while the results can be incredibly useful. Try it out for free!

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