The truth about employee engagement

The truth about employee engagement

When it comes to employee engagement, there have been quite a number of misconceptions. But not to worry, this article is designed to give you all you need to know about employee engagements. I’m sure that after reading this post you’ll get the hang of what employee engagement is, what works and what doesn’t. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this post, shall we?
The truth is, employee engagement is a step in the right direction for any business or organization who wants to engage, motivate and retain stellar performers. So, if this is you, here are some basic truths about employee engagement you’ll want to get a grasp of.

Employees want to be recognized

Gone are the days when employees want to remain under the radar. Today’s employees simply don’t want to be anonymous. To this end, they see fulfillment in being recognized as contributing their own quota to the success of the organizations where they find themselves. So, to get your employees functioning on all fronts, it will make a lot of sense to appreciate them for their unique qualities. This will spur them to continue the amazing job they are already doing.

Make your workers know they are important

If you want a team of workers that are happy to offer their all while going about their daily duties, you’ll have to show them their job matters. Statistics have shown that workers who are fulfilled will naturally bring their best to the table.

Gauge their success

Employees want to be able to measure their success. Trust me; this brings out the best in them because it shows that they are doing some things right. Once workers can effectively track their records of success, delivering their best would only be a matter of time.
Of course, the money is the motivation for many employees, but far from this, employees want to know they are valuable to an organization and being able to gauge their success is just a pointer that something is right.
If your organization effectively engages its workforce, you should have:

  • Workers who are happy, fulfilled and ready to put more effort to ensure the organization achieves it set out goals
  • Workers who pay more attention to details
  • Workers who are willing to attract other passionate employees
  • Develop pride in their daily routines
  • Workers who are ready to go out of their ways to perform tasks that are not necessarily part of their daily routines

Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking the key to employee engagement is increasing workers salary. More than anything, workers want to be appreciated and treated as integral members of an organization. To this end, executives in authority must always think bottoms up and not top down when implementing or soliciting advice. This way, your workers will know that the organization values their contributions.
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15 Employee Engagement Quotes And Strategies

15 Employee Engagement Quotes And Strategies

Are you looking to improve your organization’s employee engagement policies? Actually, there is no reason you shouldn’t. That’s why you shouldn’t turn down any opportunity that is geared towards improving employee engagement within your organization. Today, there are tons of ways together with exciting activities to leverage, motivate and engage your staffs. One of this salient ways is leveraging employee engagement quotes. Trust me when I say nothing motivates an organization to implement employee engagement strategy like basking in the aura of quotes of leaders who have implemented these strategies and enjoyed tremendous success. So, if you really think employee engagement is necessary for this age and time but don’t have the motivation to implement it, you’ll find the following employee engagement quotes quite intriguing, to say the least.

1. “You can’t win in the market place without first winning in your workplace” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup.

2. “There is a difference between financial investments and emotional investments, financial investments clamors for return, emotional investments spurs contributions” – Simon Sinek

3. “Your team members are your number one customers, take care of them before your real customers”

4. “Excellence is not act, it is a habit, remember, we are what we do” – Aristotle

5. “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, take your team along“– Anonymous

6. “Employee engagement turns workers into contributors who look beyond returns”

7. “The difference between a failing and a successful organization is clear, one has clearly carried its team along, and the other didn’t” Anonymous

8. “The way up for any organization is embracing employee engagement strategies, the way down is seeing it as unimportant” –Anonymous.

9. “Companies who want to make their future colorful, must strive to improve their employees today”—Anonymous

10. “Successful companies have three things in common; cash flow, employee engagement and customer satisfaction”

11. “Endeavor to treat your team members the way you want your best customers to be treated. This brings out the best in your employees”

12. “A good employee engagement strategy ensures your workers come with their hearts to work instead of living it at home.” – Betty Bender

13. “One of the greatest assets any leader has is his ability to arouse enthusiasm among his subordinates, and this can only happen if you appreciate and encourage your staffs” – Charles Schwab

14. “If employees discover their work is appreciated, they wouldn’t have a problem giving their heart to future projects.”

15. “You can’t give in your best if you’re not appreciated or motivated; the sooner organizations realize this, the better”

If you have read through all these quotes, I’m sure you’ll agree that there are many reasons why you should implement robust employee engagement strategies. However, enough of thinking or reading how important it is to implement employee engagement strategies; do something different today by taking things up a notch.

And by talking things up a notch I mean actually implementing strategies that will motivate your employees.

How To Measure Employee Engagement

How To Measure Employee Engagement

So you have realized the need for employee engagement, and you have also put in place strategies to ensure your employees are fully engaged, which is absolutely commendable. But have you thought about how you will measure workers engagement? Is there any positive result? Since you implemented workers engagement, have you seen any changes? These are questions you should be asking yourself. So, how do you effectively measure workers engagement? Surprisingly, this isn’t difficult. After reading this article, you’ll know how to measure workers engagement using time-tested tools. Below are some really great ways to measure workers engagement. This will help you to know how you are doing.

Through independent Surveys

The employee survey is one of the most potent tools for measuring employee engagement. Amazingly, carrying out an employee engagement survey shows your workers how much you care about their welfare. Trust me, this not only motivates them to put in their best but also compels them to want to keep working for you. I know you’ll love that right? However, on the flip side, employee engagement survey report can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow especially if it’s riddled with negative feedback. However, you can always turn things around if you have a plan in mind to effectively address how they feel. Today, there are many employee engagement based surveys that produce excellent reports. If you want to take things up a notch, you can even leverage employee engagement technologies. This tech provides real-time workers engagement report that is quite accurate. That’s not all, by contracting the services of employee engagement survey vendors you can equally get a quality engagement survey report at affordable prices too. So, you see, you have tons of options at your fingertip.

Leverage People Analytics

People analytics are another awesome way to measure workers engagement. Through people analytics, you can be sure that you’ll get an authentic employee engagement report. And the best part is that it can be done completely anonymous. Meaning your workers’ privacy is protected. People analytics helps track how much time your workers are spending viewing emails, how much time they spend in meetings, how team members are collaborating to execute projects and lots more. Astonishingly, companies like ours ( use people analytics to track employee behaviors. Nevertheless, as much as this employee engagement measurement strategy is useful, to get the hang of how your workers feel, you can supplement people analytics with surveys.

Always check out online Reviews

Want to measure your employees’ engagement and know if your company is doing well? Then it would be a smart decision to check out online reviews. While this is an unofficial way of measuring employee engagement as some ex-employees can capitalize on it to bash their former employers, it is a useful tool to help you know how your workers feel and how you can implement their feedback. Or use our own tool and get that while they are working for you.


Measuring employee engagement isn’t so difficult after all; leverage on the tips above and you’ll be able to know how your employees feel and how you can address their feedback.

Employee Engagement Ideas For Your Company

Employee Engagement Ideas For Your Company

For any business today, one of the most important factors that you can take into account stems from employee engagement. Having committed professionals who want to be taking part in what you do is very important.

However, most businesses struggle to make this kind of impact and thus they can struggle comprehensively. Employees who lack engagement are likely to lack a motivation to improve or a desire to be more efficient.

If they lack interest and engagement with their employer, how can they be expected to go above and beyond the call of duty to make it work?

It’s very hard to ensure that an employee is on track and feels comfortable with the ideas being put to them. To help that out, this guide will break down some fundamental ideas that can determine your employee engagement success. There really is no reason why you cannot engage with your employees in a more enjoyable manner simply by using the tricks, tips, and ideas which are broken down here.

Everything comes together quite easily, and you should find it a bit easier to take that next all-important step. However, knowing where to start matters; so, where to begin?

Creating Open Dialogue

The first and most important step to changing your entire business structure and style is to invite people to speak up; to exchange ideas. A business that is successful gets there by committee. You don’t presume to have a monopoly on the facts and knowledge. You need to build a more cohesive structure; something that is all about making sure that employees can speak up without fear of censure.

This can be very hard to put together in the right capacity, but it’s by no means impossible. Creating open and easy dialogue within a business is so important to driving a more positive and optimistic flow of information through the business. To help create an open dialogue, you need to ensure that everyone feels like they could come and knock on the door of management and exchange ideas without being put in their place for daring to speak out.

Employee engagement ideas don’t get any more important than removing any barriers on speech. Making sure your staff feel comfortable about opening up to their ideas and giving people their input, with discussion to follow, is a primary tenet of any good employee engagement ideas that you will implement.

Bringing The Team Together

On the same kind of idea, bringing the team together is great for employee engagement. When we go to work, we naturally operate at a higher level when we bring the team together and actually like our colleagues. The challenge in a workplace, though, is making sure people have the freedom to get to know each other. Ensure that personality can flow in the workplace and that people always have the chance to talk, to bond, to grow as a team.

You might think that allowing staff to talk all the time and to have camaraderie hurts productivity; it does the opposite. People who see a colleague they are on good terms with struggling will happily help out. When someone is in need of help in their outside life, colleagues will be more likely to help them out.

It creates a more positive atmosphere, one that leaves everyone feeling as if they are part of a team who look out for each other. This can really make sure that your employee engagement improves naturally.

Don’t put up any barriers to allowing people to talk and to have social events once per month within the office to keep everyone getting to know each other in a positive fashion.

Risk and Reward

When working with your staff who are now more open about their opinions and their social structure within work, the next step is to improve the risk/reward of hard work. When you hire staff, you want to see them very quickly being rewarded because of their hard work. Regular rewards can be a great way to make sure that staff has a motivation to work even harder – but the worst mistake you can make is making the reward merely for hard work, not for harder work.

Ensure your rewards are an investment that is going to help boost productivity and heighten ambition, though. Rewarding employees for their best work is something you should always look to do; if someone goes above and beyond the call of duty, make sure it’s made clear to them and – If they agree – the rest of the team.

It helps to build a motivational structure that means everyone works together but also works to gain the rewards their hard work deserves. Doing this can be so powerful in creating a happier, healthier business structure in general.

Taking the time to do this makes so much sense; it’s a risk to reward too much, but rewarding in the right doses can be incredibly beneficial to your business.

Building A Team

Just like in sports, it’s not always the most expensive team that wins, but the team that works best together. Your aim isn’t to sling together as many high salaries as you can; it’s finding the right balance on the shop floor and the workplace, in general, to ensure that everyone feels like they have the support structure that they need to be a success.

So, the best of employee engagement ideas are all about making sure you can build a team that represents your business. Collaboration is vital, so allow your staff to work together and to collaborate as much as they can. The more that you see people working together to find solutions, to work alongside each other and to spread ideas, the better.

It’s a hard one to get right and takes a lot of chemistry and adjustment, but believe us when we say that building a team can be the best thing that your business is likely to do. If progress is important to you, build a team.

Easing Them In

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses tend to make is getting new starts in the staff group to integrate in the wrong manner. When you hire a new member of the team, you want to see them settle into the unit ASAP. While this isn’t always possible, you should be looking at the process for how new staff is integrated. Be there for them; always make sure you are floating around the office to help them settle in.

The sooner they can feel part of the team and get every process without fear of censure or lack of trust, the sooner they can be engaged, committed and feeling important. It can be a week or two until they fully settle in, but if you are committed to their success this is the time that you should have no qualms about spending.

If your business just makes a major outlay to bring someone into your team, you have a duty of care to ensure they are set perfectly. If you get the feeling they are struggling, then you need to get the rest of the team to rally around with them and make sure this can be corrected.

Offering Freedom

The last of the employee engagement ideas we want to touch upon is the power of flexible freedom. Staff will come to work and give it their all every day if they know that they are valued. Value goes both ways, though; you value their own life as much as their time spent in the office. This means that when someone needs help, you should be there to provide it for them.

From allowing someone to work from home a few days a week to help out around their home with a newborn to giving someone a holidays-exempt personal day if they look like they need it, the human touch goes a long way. You might be fretting about lost productivity on that one day, but if your staff is ground into the floor or feel like they need to slave on regardless of personal issues, they will bring a lower level of productivity to every day.

Give people space they need to correct themselves and it can reap benefits for your business for years to come. Making this kind of adjustment really matters; it can absolutely alter the very way that your business runs and operates.

Employee Engagement Ideas In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many challenges to dealing with employees and keeping them engaged in the process. Your best bet to making that possible is to engage with any of the ideas posted above. When used properly, they could be the catalyst for positive and progressive change in your business.

Just make sure that you never disregard the importance of employee engagement ideas. Allowing your business to just carry on without any kind of meaningful change is a bad idea. If you desire to make your workplace more positive and productive, this is the perfect place to begin.

Employee Engagement Technology: Why Organizations Should Care

Employee Engagement Technology: Why Organizations Should Care

Employee engagement is at an all-time high. Thanks to technological advancement, companies are continually leveraging top notch apps to engage, motivate and inspire their staffs. Today, there are quite a number of time tested applications that guarantee for fluid communication between employers and employees. That’s not all. By deploying technology to improve workers engagement, organizations have the potential to skyrocket their profit beyond levels they hardly imagined. From top notch APIs to gamification and other incredible workplace related software, organizations are spoiled for choice of which technology to use to boost their organization’s employee engagement strategy. Here is why organizations should give employee engagement technology a thought.

Establish better process with APIs

While APIs are very popular because of their ability to increase sales and boost better customer experience. These technologies have been built to deliver even much more to the HR department. Through API’s, HR can now easily merge payroll, recruitment, and onboarding into one robust workforce management application. Through API’s employees’ can be linked as a team to take on a particular task. The icing on the cake is that through API’s companies can effectively engage their staffs by putting in place a reward for employees who are able to finish a particular task on time. More so, APIs have the ability to track individual performance, this means results and data generated by an API technology cannot be manipulated. Through this reward strategy, your employees will not just be motivated, but be also willing to give their best shot to ensure they meet up with a particular task.

Helps organization spot stellar performers

Through employee management applications, organizations have the potential to recognize stellar performers. This goes a long way to inspire them to perform better at their daily duties. Thanks to advanced workplace management applications, companies and organizations can now inspire their workers to perform even better as the company can track each employees’ performance on the go. Just a click or swipe of the workplace management application and organizations will be able to recognize hard working staffs and reward them if possible. This goes a long way to boosts their morale in no small measure.

Make projects more fun with gamification

While we keep clamoring for employee engagement application as a tool to boost workers engagement in the work place. There is a need for organizations to go for employee engagement software that is intriguing and fun to work with. Thanks to the advancement in APIs, there are now amazing workplace management applications that function more like a game. Through this gamification based workforce management software, you can expect project completion to not just be fast but enjoyable for your employees. This helps them to build a robust social network while performing their duties.

Helps you carry out an objective survey

Without mincing words, surveys are a great way to boost employees’ engagement as you’ll be able to ask their honest opinions regarding certain issues. And through the use of employee engagement applications, surveys can be easily conducted with employees’ opinion easily accessed and implemented. This would go a long way to boost employees’ engagement in an organization. Why? Because the company values their opinions generated via the company’s internal survey.

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