With the increasing competition in the business world, every organization wants to attract and keep stellar performers. Employee engagement strategy is a good strategy to try out. And while a good remuneration is a good way to attract and keep the best staffs today, there is more to be done to ensure you have the best of hands to handle your daily business dealings. That is why employee engagement strategies are increasingly becoming important especially in the 21 st century where the demands of the industry are constantly changing. In this article, we will give you some amazing employee engagement strategies to help you attract and keep stellar performers. Consider the helpful employee engagement strategies below.

Don’t think “top down” but “bottom up”

One of the springboards that can skyrocket employees commitment and performance is your ability to engage them in the daily activities of your organizations. Trust me, employees want to be seen as playing a significant role in an organization. To this end, they want to be consulted before certain decisions in the company are implemented. So you want to gauge your employees’ feelings and opinions about a decision? Simple, design a questionnaire and carry out surveys. But then, instead of designing your questionnaire to suit the wishes of your executive boards, you would want to ensure your employee’s opinion are factored into the whole survey. Having gotten the result, hold a meeting with your employees maybe over lunch, and ask them how a situation or an issue can be improved on. This way, your team would feel empowered and respected that their opinions count. Like it or not, this improves their contributions to your organization.

Listen to them

So, you have discussed an issue with your team members, that’s absolutely superb, but then don’t leave it there. Ensure you implement all you have discussed with them. This has a way of boosting employees trust in your leadership. Let’s face it, employees want to work with an employer who is opened and willing to listen to them. To make things easy, you can always use your company’s internal notice board to post updates about issues you discussed with them.

Allow them to share their ideas

Part of employee engagement strategies involve allowing your staffs to share knowledge or ideas they feel would be beneficial to the organization. Allowing your employees to share their best work with the entire members of their team doesn’t just boost employees’ engagement but builds a bond between team members which are good for your organization.

Layout clear paths for internal growth

While money can sometimes be a motivation for Millennials on the job, employees are looking to work for organizations that provide the enabling environment they can improve their current skills and know how. So, if you’re looking to attract and retain stellar performers in the industry, your best bet is to point out clear internal paths that guarantee workers growth. To this end, you can easily ask them what their goals are and lay out clear blueprints on how they can achieve them.

Establish mentorship opportunities

The value of mentorship to employee engagement cannot be over emphasized. And when combined with carefully set out internal growth path, the results are simply amazing. Let me make clear things a bit. Let’s say an employee expresses his or her desire to become a marketing guru, nothing stops you from linking him/her up with a top notch marketer in your organization. This way, they will be willing to give their best to an organization that has taught them so much.

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