15 Employee Engagement Quotes And Strategies

15 Employee Engagement Quotes And Strategies

Are you looking to improve your organization’s employee engagement policies? Actually, there is no reason you shouldn’t. That’s why you shouldn’t turn down any opportunity that is geared towards improving employee engagement within your organization. Today, there are tons of ways together with exciting activities to leverage, motivate and engage your staffs. One of this salient ways is leveraging employee engagement quotes. Trust me when I say nothing motivates an organization to implement employee engagement strategy like basking in the aura of quotes of leaders who have implemented these strategies and enjoyed tremendous success. So, if you really think employee engagement is necessary for this age and time but don’t have the motivation to implement it, you’ll find the following employee engagement quotes quite intriguing, to say the least.

1. “You can’t win in the market place without first winning in your workplace” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup.

2. “There is a difference between financial investments and emotional investments, financial investments clamors for return, emotional investments spurs contributions” – Simon Sinek

3. “Your team members are your number one customers, take care of them before your real customers”

4. “Excellence is not act, it is a habit, remember, we are what we do” – Aristotle

5. “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, take your team along“– Anonymous

6. “Employee engagement turns workers into contributors who look beyond returns”

7. “The difference between a failing and a successful organization is clear, one has clearly carried its team along, and the other didn’t” Anonymous

8. “The way up for any organization is embracing employee engagement strategies, the way down is seeing it as unimportant” –Anonymous.

9. “Companies who want to make their future colorful, must strive to improve their employees today”—Anonymous

10. “Successful companies have three things in common; cash flow, employee engagement and customer satisfaction”

11. “Endeavor to treat your team members the way you want your best customers to be treated. This brings out the best in your employees”

12. “A good employee engagement strategy ensures your workers come with their hearts to work instead of living it at home.” – Betty Bender

13. “One of the greatest assets any leader has is his ability to arouse enthusiasm among his subordinates, and this can only happen if you appreciate and encourage your staffs” – Charles Schwab

14. “If employees discover their work is appreciated, they wouldn’t have a problem giving their heart to future projects.”

15. “You can’t give in your best if you’re not appreciated or motivated; the sooner organizations realize this, the better”

If you have read through all these quotes, I’m sure you’ll agree that there are many reasons why you should implement robust employee engagement strategies. However, enough of thinking or reading how important it is to implement employee engagement strategies; do something different today by taking things up a notch.

And by talking things up a notch I mean actually implementing strategies that will motivate your employees.

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