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Meet Jack!




Jack’s employer sends a mail and registers the company NeedsImprovement Inc.

Jack registers on the Emprovio registration page and is added to the company team.


Jack opens the Emprovio application and starts typing about his work day. He writes in his Emprovio work diary:

“Again with these TPS reports today. I’m gonna lose it, the management needs to fix this quickly. These TPS reports are sucking the life from us and making us miserable!”

After a couple of seconds, Emprovio finds the problem: “TPS” reports. It assigns the score according to the importance of the issue.

Finding the issues some of us are unaware of is the key advantage here. This way, no one can hide from the real issues in the company.

Clearly, this wasn’t his best day since there seems to be quite a lot of anger present.

And now, the issue is displayed on the company page as a new issue.

The issues importance values add up, thus ranking the most important issues first.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

S. Sinek

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